Ad-Just is a powerful tool enabling advertisers and ad agencies to get full control and flexibility over the ad and its scheduled time until minutes before airtime. ADJUST YOUR AD... JUST MINUTES BEFORE AIRTIME... WITH AD-JUST.TV

An approved user can adjust his ad through our web interface or can have the adjustments done automatically by linking Ad-Just to his back office database. This enables users to act on anything like product-availability, competing prices, events, news topics, weather, sports results or currency- sensitive offers Ad-Justed.

For the last decades advertisers have been limited to deliver their commercial on a digibeta tape days before. They had no way to adjust their spot, buy a library spot or ad-just the schedule. Now they can... Instantly!

Ad-Just enables you to change, either or not in a customized login, All elements of your spots: graphics (text, logos, photos, animations) as well as voice over, music, animations and video scenes. Or have a new, extra or alternative commercial inserted in your running broadcast schedule. Ad-Just... gets you in full control !