Ad-Just wants to able advertisers to maximize the flexibility to ad-just their aired Ad/Spot or campaign schedule. Ad-Just brings technology known from the internet now to campaigns on Television, (National, Regional, Ad-insertion, Digital Cinema, Interactive Media (Video On Demand/preroll commercials) and other dynamic visual advertising outlets to a higher level.

Ad-Just and it's partners have the goal to get TV advertising even more sexy than it has ever been. Ad-Just is a product of The Media Choice European Adinsertion Platform.

The European Adinsertion Platform includes:

AdTec broadcast, cable & advertisement technical solution
Digi-Bios digital cinema service provider
Media Choice Europe’s only ad-insertion interconnect
Media Choice Technologies playout solutions for tv stations
Media Choice Productions commercial production consultants
Your Channels digital tv stations incl. Goed Tv

Ad-Just is powered by a number of partner-companies including:
Instore Broadcast